Half Lies Half Truths
Release date: October 2013
Producer: Caleb Miles at Ramshackle Sound
Mark Bezanson – Vocals, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Trombone
Caleb Miles – Guitar, Drums, Shaker, Vocals, Tambourine, Horn Arrangements
Mike Carroll – Drums
Richard Bennett – Piano, Horn Arrangements
Robin Jessome – Trombone
Bob Federer – Piano
H. Hinkel – Trumpet
Caitlin Quinton – Baritone Sax
Mark Towers – Tenor Sax
Gerry Rodgers – Drums
Alex Porter – Drums

New Album: To be announced
Release date: To be announced
Producer: Mark Bezanson
Musicians: To be announced
Mark Bezanson – Vocals, Bass Guitar, + a bunch of other interesting instruments

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