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    Very excited to be playing this Friday at Temple On Queen in Bridgetown. Starts at 7 and goes till 9. Originals and choice covers. I'd love to see you.
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    It’s really all about the blues. It is the constant that has run through the music journey that Mark has taken. While not a classic blues man at first blush, it is … Read more
Mark Bezanson, Photo by Kate Gregory


  1. I Can't Stop for Trying Mark Bezanson 4:17
  2. Other Fish Blues Mark Bezanson 4:29
  3. Montreal Mark Bezanson 4:17


“Mark Bezanson’s CD, “Half Lies Half Truths”, lives up to the ambivalence of its title. The record’s themes and music seem frequently at odds: catchy pop riffs deliver biting political exposés, funk rock tunes contain painful psychological narratives, and jazz sections interrupt rock ballads on the emotional vagaries of love. The result? Exhilarating, beautiful, perturbing.” -The Grapevine, Wolfville N.S.


Half Lies Half Truths
Released October 2013, this album tells stories about classic themes of love, relationships, and a bond with the elements.
Produced by Caleb Miles

New Album – No Title Yet
Current status: Pre-Production
Planner Release: Fall 2020
My follow up album will deliver some of my newer material, showing some refinements, along with new directions.

Upcoming Shows

  • February 29
    Sydney Street Pub (solo)
  • March 12
    With Jokers Right for The Hundred Club at The Capital Pub in Middleton
  • March 14
    With Jokers Right at Greenwood Base St.Paddy’s Day
  • March 28
    March 28 Private party with Jokers Right

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